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Violeta Bulc
Denis Jančič

Violeta Bulc
Violeta Bulc, is an innovator, entrepreneur and former director of Vibacom (, whose mission is to develop environments for sustainable growth and innovative breakthroughs. Her business models and solutions were aimed at promoting long-term organic growth, collaboration, co-creation and mass participation. She believes in the creative power of individuals and the power of collective consciousness. She believes in evolution, systemic thinking and exceptions that alter their course. She believes in the power of positive energy and pure thoughts, which create the conditions for prosperity and thrivability. She believes that technological development has to serve the humanity. She collaborates with diversified groups on local and global level to foster systemic solutions. She learns from nature, which is generously unfolding to her new frontiers and universal laws of life. She enjoys responding to the business challenges of customers and partners, social environments and society as a whole.

Violeta has also been Vibacom's director from April 2000 to November 2014. As Vibacom's director her key duties and responsibilities were initiator and coordinator of the civil initiative InCo movement for innovative breakthroughs (, member of the Executive Committee of the International Organization ChangeTheGame ( , lecturer at various Universities at home and abroad, President of the Board of Umanotera (NGO), President of the Supervisory Board of the Global Compact Slovenia, honorary member of the Association of Slovenian innovators , member of the Court of Honour at Managers' Association of Slovenia, member of the Scientific Council of , Vice-President of the organization Challenge:Future responsible for innovation, a member of the BCSSS Board, intercontinental coordinator of the WELTribe (World Tribe Evolutionary Learning).


Denis Jančić
Denis is employed in Vibacom as an IT specialist in charge of computerization of Vibacom innovations.
He is currently a student at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science. He is particularly interested in computer science, sports, and psychology.