Innovation infrastructure
The Innovation infrastructure (I2) is the innovative business model for the mass implementation of the innovation culture in the company/organization. It boasts a fresh, alluring approach and consists of three modules:

The first module incorporates the prerequisite steps, and the content for designing an efficient model innovation infrastructure, which is in harmony with the development strategy of the company.

The second module contains the description, tools and competences seen as indispensable for the successful design of an innovative process.

The third module comprises the proposals, guidelines and the descriptions of best practice for the implementation of the innovation infrastructure within the company.

A special characteristic of the I2 model is that it is based on, and encourages the development of open innovation, when it comes to design, it observes the characteristics of the evolutionary corporate development (their absorptive capacity) and it facilitates the integration of key strategic orientations toward the innovation model of the company (it enables the development of the dynamic structures of corporate governance).

I2 is the first tool made in Slovenia, for systematic and wider development of innovation in organizations, based on local experience of the past 15 years.

See the individual module:

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